•  De-embedding
•  Channel Modeling Concepts
•  Improve Design Confidence

•  Jitter
•   Analysis – Jitter Math
•  Simulation to Measurement
•  EDA Jitter Analysis
•  Material Identification

Classes Offered

Class No. Title
ADS-01 Advanced Time-domain analysis (TDR/TDT) Using Keysight ADS
ADS-02 Advanced ADS for Signal Integrity Engineers
JITT-02 100G Ethernet Signaling
JITT-03 Advanced Crosstalk and Peak Distortion Analysis, Conquering Difficult SI
JITT-04 Get up to Date in High Speed Tech: COM, ICN, eTJ, eBUJ
JITT-05 Channel Optimization by Combining Modeling and Measurement
JITT-06 Advancing to the Edge: 56G design, compliance, and debug
SI-01 Jitter Analysis Essentials for Signal Integrity Engineers
SI-02 Mastering High Speed I/O: compliance, diagnostics, and simulation
SI-03 Understanding, Debugging, and Testing High Speed I/O
SI-04 Advanced TDR and VNA Measurement Methodology
SI-05 WRT Channel Modeling for advanced EDA to Measurement Correspondence
SI-06 Introduction into computational electromagnetics for interconnect analysis
SI-07 Multiport theory for interconnect analysis
SI-08 Analysis of signal propagation in interconnects
SI-09 Simbeor EDA Training for  Signal Integrity Engineers
TDR-01 TDR Basics
TDR-02 TDR Based Modeling Using Tektronix’ IConnect