CMP-28 – Industry first EDA Simulation to Measurement Tool

The CMP-28/32 Channel Modeling Platform represents a powerful tool for development of high-speed systems up to 40 GHz. The primary target application for the CMP-28 is 3D-EM solver analysis versus time and frequency domain measurement methodology. It combines 27 structures based on a consistent development of primitive structures useful for performing a host of calibrations including automatic fixture removal, unknown THRU, WinCalXE™, and VNA gating and time transform analysis.

The CMP-28 provide the following features:

  • Assembled with 2.92mm (CMP-28) or 2.4mm (CMP-32) connectors
  • 3D EM benchmark structures
    • Loss structures for material extraction
    • Resonators for measurement correspondence
    • Multi-impedance structures for VNA time transform analysis
  • TVNA-VNA analysis structure
    • TDR resolvers for ultra fast TDR (11 psec and 28 psec rise times)
  • Allegro layout provided for easy 3D EM import
  • Family of via fields


  • 3D-EM and measurement assistance for the SI practitioner
    • Vias
    • Multimode Analysis
    • Meshing Analysis Structure
    • Advanced Material Extraction and Loss Modeling
  • THRU Calibration, T-matrix de- embedding
  • Advanced Crosstalk analysis
  • TRL/LRM Calibration Verification/Benchmark

The Channel Modeling Platform from Wild River Technology is simply a unique product to validate manufacturing, measurements and modeling of PCB interconnects up to 50 GHz. I recommend it to every SI engineer doing or develop accurate and productive tools.
Yuriy Shlepnev, Ph.D.
Simberian Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Channel Modeling

In communications a Channel is the medium used to transmit information from one point to the other. Ideally, modeling a channel takes into account all the physical effects on the signal as it propagates from the transmitter to the receiver.

What is the Channel Modeling Program?

The Channel Modeling product is a really a program where we invest time with the customer over a 3 month timeframe (based on your needs and schedule), we work with you to analyze S-parameter quality, correspondence approach, review your goals, help with any presentations, and importantly assist with developing a causal/passive de-embedding or full path calibration approach.    You can compare our measured parameters with your parameters are simply use the supplied S-parameters to get a quick start for the correspondence effort.    Our customers have seen a real benefit of the entire package.   The program assistance is included in the cost.

Finally, we offer comprehensive VNA training, including on site 1.5 days hands on classes.    WRT can share our VNA set up tips, calibration verification, and S-parameter quality work flow.

Almost all of the  EDA companies and all of the major capitol equipment companies are our customer, including CST.