Eric Bogatin announces new eJournal

September 23, 2016

Eric Bogatin, founder of the Signal Integrity Academy at, announced the publication of a new signal integrity eJournal and web site called Signal Integrity Journal.

Eric posted the following information to the SI-LIST news lister group:

I thought you all might like to know about a new SI resource just starting up. Horizon House publishing has just announced the Signal Integrity Journal. You can see the press release here:

The Journal will start as a web site and grow to a digital publication soon. I was invited to be the editor, with a distinguished group of editorial advisory board members, including many SI-list icons, Istvan Novak, Al Neves, Beret Simonovich, Doug Smith and Yuriy Shlepnev. 

The goal of the web site and journal is to provide high value content on signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility and integrity topics ranging from best design practices, measurement and simulation tools, materials, components and technology options and application case studies. What did I miss that is important for designers to get to an acceptable product design faster?

You can check out the initial pages of the web site here:  Be sure to click on the green box
to subscribe to the newsletter and get the updates on new content posts and the digital magazine. 

If you missed it, here is the link:

As with the sister publication, Microwave Journal, all the content on the SI Journal site and the coming digital magazine is completely free. 

In addition to my beTheSignal blog posts, I am writing a new column, “.it depends, reflections from Eric Bogatin” Check out the first post! 

We welcome original contributions from all engineers. Here is the link to the submission guidelines: If  you are “shy” and I see you presenting something cool, I will probably hit you up to write something up for the SI Journal. 

Please send your ideas, outlines, or final drafts to Pat Hindle. 

Hope you enjoy this new resource for our community. 

–eric, Editor, SI Journal.

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