Industry First! XTALK-32 Crosstalk Platform

XTALK-32_NBGThe XTALK-32 is an industry first product.  It creates any flavor of crosstalk for 10-56 Gbpsec data.

We incorporated a novel low return loss, high signal integrity crosstalk coupler that provides clean crosstalk energy without attendant return loss or mode issues.   Three levels of coupling is included to mimic backplane signal integrity (return loss -20, -10, and -5dB at Nyquist)

MS_CoplanarJPG Coplanar_NRZ_channel_setup XTALK-32 Microstrip Coplanar Coupled structure and it’s ADS model equivalent
XTALK-32 Coplanar Microstrip FEXT2 XTALK-32 Coplanar Microstrip FEXT Results of ADS simulations

If you’re interested in learning more about the XTALK-32 Platform you can go to our product web page HERE.

This new platform will in in Booth 752 at DesignCon, along with ISI-32, a loss platform for use with XTALK-32 using WRT skew matched cable pairs.

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