These precision, metrology-grade terminations are used in measurement systems that need to achieve the smallest possible reflections. Their excellent match makes them ideal as a reference for fault location measurements on scalar network analyzers.

Precision termination features

    • Accurate reference for SWR measurements
    • Precise termination for test instrument or device under test
    • 50 Ohms impedance

Standard Delivery Time: 1 – 3 Wks ARO

Precision Termination Specifications

Model Frequency
Range (GHz)
Test Port
Impedance (Ohms)
(F in GHz)
K210 DC to 40 K(m) 50 1.106 to 18 GHz1.253 to 40 GHz
V210 DC to 65 V(m) 50 1.120 to 18 GHz1.253 to 26.5 GHz1.329 to 40 GHz

1.432 to 65 GHz

Maximum Input Power: 0.5W