D-COAX Model W2.5 x L6.5 Mini Probe Station

This portable manual probing station is designed for a versatile, comfortable, and accurate operation on up to 2.5” wafers or 2.5” X 6.5” printed circuit board assemblies.Model W2.5 x L6.5 Portable Mini Probe Station. test, measurement, fabrication industry, portable manual probe

This turn-key, manually operated probing station is part of the D-COAX commitment to the test and measurement and fabrication industries. This affordable machine offers a versatile design with portability in mind. This is the first probing station to offer such a light weight and portable design; put it in the custom transport case (sold separately) or your back-pack and take it where you need to make your measurements, in another laboratory or office. Unlike the competitor’s probe station, you can sit or stand while using this unit due to the very low table to chuck height. The chuck has a unique in the design, with a width of 2.5 inches and the length of 6.5 inches, suitable for circuit boards or multiple devices. The Z positioning is via a digital readout in micrometers or inches for accurate probe “touch-downs”. Its versatility, affordability, and user friendly features make it the best manual probe station on the market.

Model W2.5 x L6.5 Probe Station Features

D-COAX offers a general purpose probe station with the following features:

  • Simple design for straight-forward-use
  • Small footprint X=13.5 by Y=7.125 by Z=8 inch maximum
  • Allows placement very close to the instrumentation
  • Portable (back-pack) size, weight 6.5 lb
  • Two independent probe holders with X – Y lock
  • X-Y movement:
  • Infinitely adjustable , non-discrete
  • Lockable
  • Smooth movement
  • Two independent Z movement with digital read-out, captured (to prevent DUT crash)
  • Multiple probe mounting positions (9 mounting holes on each probe holder) allows more freedom for probe deployment or multiple probe deployment and accessories deployment
  • Vacuum chuck
  • Very low table to chuck height of 1.95 inches
  • Unique chuck area 2.5 inch wide by 6.5 inch long, allows multiple smaller DUT’s or long circuit board testing
  • Vibration isolation feet
  • Compatible with all standard wafer probes


In order to have a complete test setup for measuring the DUT, the following hardware and utilities are required:

  1. Test instrument capable of the specific DUT test requirements
  2. Cables capable of the specific DUT test requirements (see D-COAX cable assemblies offerings Link to Semi-rigid and Flexible assemblies pages)
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. Microscope
  5. Probes (D-COAX suggests GGB probes www.ggb.com)
  6. Impedance Standard Substrate (D-COAX suggests GGB calibration standards www.ggb.com)
  7. Accessories for specific DUT sizes and topography (see Accessories offerings by D-COAX below)