HyPac Probe – High Frequency Coaxial Packaging Probe (40 GHz)

D-COAX’s HyPac probe is a great solution for in-process testing of hybrid packages with glassed pin feed-thru(s).  By probing the package feed-thru pins with fast rise time TDR or high frequency VNA via HyPac probe, manufacturers of the hybrid

packaging can pretest packagePicture of HyPac, High Frequency Coaxial Packaging Probe performance and interconnections before assembling actual connectors and therefore saving money by not assembling defective packages.

The HyPac probe is a high frequency probe with low contact resistance and bandwidth of 40GHz.  The probe has an impedance controlled airline that was designed to follow the contours of the spring pin shape inside the probe and the signal pin under test and thereby maintain the best possible performance.  The use of spring-loaded probe tips makes the probe durable.  The probe head has gold plated and rugged crown tips that make contact with the rounded pin of the glass bead.

The HyPac probe shape was designed to be a conjugate to the DUT for mechanical compatibility and high frequency performance.   The probe airline serves a double purpose: it controls the impedance for the glass-pin/probe-signal-pin transition and it also acts like a stop for the probe travel, preventing it to crash against DUT.

Features and Benefits

  • Durability – long life time, anti-crash feature, reliable contact quality
  • RF performance – low insertion loss, low contact resistance, high bandwidth