Channel Modeling Platforms

CMP-28/CMP-32 Channel Modeling Platform for enhancing signal integrity workflow confidence to 50 GHz and 32Gbpsec.   All EDA solutions have limits and issues, by using the CMP-28/32 product you can benchmark and prove out the solution.   It serves to improve signal integrity practice, and is used in WRT’s Simbeor  EDA training.

  • EDA Starter Kits Available
    • Agilent ADS
    • Simbeor THz
    • CST Microwave
  • 100% TDR tested
  • Passive/Causal-tested S-parameters included
  • Pristine signal integrity
  • Can be custom built to customer’s materials and stack-up – Contact WRT

CMP-28/32 is a Signal Integrity program, designed to boost design confidence  to 50 GHz.

CMP-70 Advanced Channel Modeling Platform (Q3 2017, contact WRT)

The CMP-70 Advanced Channel Modeling Platform represents a powerful next generation tool for development of high-speed 70 GHz systems. The primary target application for this product is 3D-EM solver analysis modeling versus time and frequency domain measurement methodology. All structures include de-embedding to isolate the device under-test (DUT) using Symmetrical De-embedding such as Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR, both 1X and 2X) or Measure Based Model (MBM) using ADS.


  • Includes common structures such as vias, bends, skew, voids, and structures with pathology for complete EDA benchmarking
  • EDA Simulation-Measurement
  • Touchstone files available for each structure
  • Material extraction method, including surface roughness modeling provided
  • TDNA-VNA analysis structure
  • TDR resolvers for ultra-fast TDR (10 psec. and 28 psec. rise times)
  • Allegro layout (.brd or OBD++) available for easy 3D EM import

ISI-28/ISI-32 Intersymbol Interference Platform for open to closed eye from 6-32 Gbpsec. Microstrip and Stripline topologies. Pre-layout or pre-silicon capable with supplied S-parameter models.

ISI-28/32 is suited for very high speed data rate SERDES testing.   It has stellar return loss.

XTALK-32 Crosstalk Platform is an industry first product consisting of a family of loss and Insertion-to-Crosstalk Ratio (ICR) designed to challenge 6-32 Gbpsec systems and PAM-4 56 Gbpsec. ICR is a basic measure of signal versus crosstalk energy (similar to Signal/Noise) and provides 50 (very low XTALK) to 15 (very high XTALK) for both 10 and 28 Gbpsec systems.

  • Provides both pristine and pathological crosstalk aggression
  • Can be combined with ISI-28/32 for adding loss and crosstalk
  • Includes Keysight ADS EDA  kit

XTALK-28/32 is an industry first hardware platform that provides pristine and pathological crosstalk aggression.