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Classes Offered

Class No. Title
ADS-01 Advanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR/TDT) Using Keysight ADS
ADS-02 Advanced ADS for Signal Integrity Engineers
JITT-02 100G Ethernet Signaling
JITT-03 Advanced Crosstalk and Peak Distortion Analysis, Conquering Difficult SI
JITT-04 Get up to Date in High-Speed Tech: COM, ICN, eTJ, eBUJ
JITT-05 Channel Optimization by Combining Modeling and Measurement
JITT-06 Advancing to the Edge: 56G Design, Compliance, and Debug
SI-01 Jitter Analysis Essentials for Signal Integrity Engineers
SI-02 Mastering High-Speed I/O: Compliance, Diagnostics, and Simulation
SI-03 Understanding, Debugging, and Testing High-Speed I/O
SI-04 Advanced TDR and VNA Measurement Methodology
SI-05 WRT Channel Modeling for Advanced EDA to Measurement Correspondence
SI-06 Introduction into computational electromagnetics for interconnect analysis
SI-07 Multiport theory for interconnect analysis
SI-08 Analysis of signal propagation in interconnects
SI-09 Simbeor EDA Training for Signal Integrity Engineers
TDR-01 TDR Basics
TDR-02 TDR Based Modeling Using Tektronix’ IConnect

Meet the Instructors:

James Bell

James teaches Simbeor basics. He is one of the founders of Wild River Technology and is an experienced design and signal integrity engineer with over 30 years’ experience in complex system design, interconnect, and signal integrity engineering. He has been a consultant to engineering organizations world-wide, with expertise in pre- and post-route signal integrity and timing validation for advanced systems. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Northern Arizona University.
Alfred Neves

Al teaches VNA, TDR, and channel modeling classes. Al is a Signal Integrity practitioner with over 30 years of experience in design and applications, and is one of the founders of WRT, and developed their physical layer and channel modeling platforms.
Tom Dagostino

Tom founded Teraspeed Labs in 2002 to make measurement based IBIS Models and Signal Integrity related measurements for end customers. This is the continuation of his work that started in 1994 at Zeelan Technology and Mentor Graphics. In addition Tom supports the Tektronix IConnect TDR based modeling tool. Tom was also employed at Tektronix between 1974 and 1993 as a design engineer of digital oscilloscopes, project manager and performed market research and product planning in an inbound marketing position. Tom was awarded with 10 US patents during his early work developing digital oscilloscopes. Tom has also developed and taught classes on IBIS modeling and debugging, TDR technology and measurement based modeling techniques. Tom earned his BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Yuriy Shlepnev, Ph.D.

Yuriy teaches Advanced Electromagnetic Principles for Signal Integrity Engineers and is President and Founder of Simberian Inc., where he develops Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity software. He received his Ph.D. degree in computational electromagnetics from Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics in 1990. He was the principal developer of electromagnetic simulator for Eagleware Corporation and the leading developer of electromagnetic software for simulation of signal and power distribution networks at Mentor Graphics.
Ransom Stephens, Ph.D

Ransom teaches all jitter classes and helps engineers advance to technology's cutting edge. A pioneer in jitter analysis, he has served on the electrical working groups for several high data rate standards and has written over 300 articles, white papers, and application notes in the electronics industry.