SKU: 501-xxx.x-02

Blue DXM086 flexible coaxial cable assembly with 2.4mm compatible male connectors on both ends. Specification: 16dB return loss or better through 50 GHz.

The DXM086 series cable is a low-loss and phase-stable cable. This cable series meets all the material requirements outlined in the MIL-C-17 specification. This cable utilizes silver-plated copper conductor, with a very low loss expanded PTFE dielectric. The shield consists of two conductive layers: the first layer is a silver-plated copper flat wire, applied so that it yields low contact resistance, resulting in low insertion loss. The second layer is a silver-plated copper-braided shield that contributes to excellent RF leakage characteristics, specified at > -100 dB to 18 GHz. The standard outside jacket is a tough, resin-melt, extruded FEP.

This assembly uses matched 2.4mm male connectors for low return loss up to 50 GHz. These assemblies make great, cost-effective test cables.

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