Wild River Technology 28G & 32G ISI Loss Modeling Platforms6-32 Gbpsec Advanced SerDes Testing – Channel Optimization – Tolerance Testing

The ISI-28/ISI-32 represents the next generation of Wild River Technology platforms with controlled amounts of intersymbol interference (ISI) for creating jitter to 32 Gbpsec. True ISI is created by loss generated with dielectric and skin effect only. Group delay variation, an important loss consideration for data rates exceeding 10 Gbpsec, has been minimized with special layout techniques, pristine connector launches, and the use of controlled-weave dielectric material.

The Wild River Technology ISI Platform is composed of nine microstrip and nine stripline differential pairs of various lengths.  Ground vias surrounding each structure preserve jitter spectral purity by suppressing unwanted resonance. More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Loss from –5dB to –40dB at 10 and 28 Gbpsec
  • Causal/passive high-quality S-parameters included
  • Superb signal integrity
  • Pristine launch design
  • Assembled with 2.92mm (ISI-28) or 2.4mm (ISI-32) connectors