One of the aims of pre-design electromagnetic simulation activity is to lower the number of prototypes (PCB fabrication, assembly, and test) to reduce costs and time to market. However, this is only possible when the EM simulator is given the correct input data that accurately represents the physical device. Only then can an excellent agreement between simulation and measurement be expected. But… Where does this input data come from?

There are so many real world sources that can creep in and ruin correspondence, including geometric differences (over-etching, over-milling, rounded corners), material properties (anisotropic dielectrics, surface roughness), installed performance (surrounding structures) and feed discrepancies (connector and cable modeling). How can you sure you have accounted for these in your simulations?

The answer to both questions is Channel Modeling. Wild River Technology understands the need for high tech companies to achieve this level of simulation to measurement correspondence and how to get there. We have developed the expertise and technology to guarantee correspondence up to 70 GHz. Our mastership shows in both our line of Standard Modeling Platforms and in the Custom Channel Modeling Platforms that we design and build for our customers using their stack-up and materials.

WRT also helps our customers bring this level of expertise internal by providing classes and training (Link to classes and training page) and many other subjects related to signal integrity.