Signal Integrity Training

No amount of simulations or measurements will be of use if the SI Engineer doesn’t possess the knowledge to make the measurement or simulation correctly and understand the measured or simulated results. That is why WRT has recently teamed up with other technical experts in their field to provide training services to our customers.

Class No. Title
ADS-01 Advanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR/TDT) Using Keysight ADS
ADS-02 Advanced ADS for Signal Integrity Engineers
JITT-02 100G Ethernet Signaling
JITT-03 Advanced Crosstalk and Peak Distortion Analysis, Conquering Difficult SI
JITT-04 Get up to Date in High-Speed Tech: COM, ICN, eTJ, eBUJ
JITT-05 Channel Optimization by Combining Modeling and Measurement
JITT-06 Advancing to the Edge: 56G Design, Compliance, and Debug
SI-01 Jitter Analysis Essentials for Signal Integrity Engineers
SI-02 Mastering High-Speed I/O: Compliance, Diagnostics, and Simulation
SI-03 Understanding, Debugging, and Testing High-Speed I/O
SI-04 Advanced TDR and VNA Measurement Methodology
SI-05 WRT Channel Modeling for Advanced EDA to Measurement Correspondence
SI-06 Introduction into computational electromagnetics for interconnect analysis
SI-07 Multiport theory for interconnect analysis
SI-08 Analysis of signal propagation in interconnects
SI-09 Simbeor EDA Training for Signal Integrity Engineers
TDR-01 TDR Basics
TDR-02 TDR Based Modeling Using Tektronix’ IConnect

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