Channel Modeling
Improve EDA method and signal integrity training. Proven field solver analysis, de-embedding to 70 GHz. Wild River Technology runs this as signal integrity program.

What do industry experts think?

"CMP-28 channel modeling platform from Wild River Technology validates manufacturing, measurements and modeling of PCB interconnects up to 50 GHz. I recommend it to every SI engineer using or developing accurate and productive tools."
Yuriy Shlepnev, Ph.D., President, Simberian Inc.

"The CMP-28 channel modeling platform from Wild River Technology is a versatile channel modeling platform. During my recent research into modeling conductor surface roughness, I relied on trusted measurement data for simulation correlation, and achieved excellent results."
Bert Simonovich, Consultant & Founder, LAMSIM Enterprises Inc.

“Users can now simulate the behavior of a high-speed channel and easily check the simulated results against real measured data. This not only gives users more confidence in their results but also helps them avoid common issues."
Dr. Klaus Krohne, Market Development Manager EDA, CST

Custom Signal Integrity Test Vehicles Using Customer Stack-Up
To 70 GHz, test stack-up, mitigate risk in projects: power integrity and signal integrity, EDA optimization of all crux elements in your design, achieve Tier 1 of IEEE P370.

Serial Link Analysis
To 112GHz for advanced SerDes characterization.

Signal Integrity Test Fixtures
To 70 GHz, custom-designed test fixtures, reasonable NRE costs.

“I think of your team as developing the best test fixtures on the planet."
Jim Nadolny, Chief Technologist Officer, Samtec

Signal Integrity Consulting Services
Connector launch design to 70GHz, backplane post layout analysis and initial design, de-embedding, serial link system debug, cable and system testing.

Channel Modeling Platforms

Ask us about our custom high-speed test fixtures and signal integrity layout services


Custom Channel Modeling

For development of high-speed systems based on your stack-up. Includes full HFSS and Simbeor model library to 70 GHz. Deliverables include pristine connector launches and stellar via designs, cross section analysis, and unimpeachable material / loss models.

  • Twelve weeks typical completion
  • Launch design 3X better than IEEE PG370 compliance
  • Via and HDI interconnect optimization
  • Material extraction including surface roughness modeling provided
  • Allegro layout (.brd or OBD++)

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32 Gbpsec & 50 GHz
Standard Channel Modeling Platform

Our standard channel modeling platforms are built for enhancing signal integrity workflow confidence to 50 GHz and 32 Gbpsec, so you can benchmark and prove out your solution.

  • EDA Starter Kits (Agilent ADS / Simbeor / Ansys HFSS)
  • Signal integrity training, benchmarking EDA tools
  • Passive/causal-tested S-parameters provided
  • Allegro layout (.brd or OBD++)

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6-56 Gbpsec
Crosstalk Aggression

The industry’s first tool for crosstalk generation in 6-32 Gbpsec NRZ and PAM-4 56 Gbpsec systems. Provides crosstalk for low, medium, and high return loss conditions in seconds.

  • IEEE 802.3bj, OIF-CEI 25G LR, COM
  • Mimics backplanes
  • 10µV to 200mV of RX noise
  • Can be used with ISI-28/32 for combining loss and crosstalk
  • Includes Keysight ADS EDA serial link kit supporting IBIS-AMI and single-bit response optimization
  • Includes S-parameter library for direct EDA serial-link simulations

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Ultra-Low Return Loss ISI
(Intersymbol Interference)

For open to closed eye from 6-56 Gbpsec. using stellar signal integrity microstrip and atripline topologies. Pre-silicon EDA capable using supplied S-parameter models.

  • Signal integrity 3X better than IEEE PG370 compliance
  • Very easy to use with complete user’s manual
  • Includes Keysight ADS EDA serial-link kit supporting IBIS-AMI and single-bit response optimization
  • Includes S-parameter library for direct EDA serial link simulations
  • Pristine launch designs for low return loss
  • Low weave and high signal integrity material for low phase and group delay noise

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