WRT provides a host of services designed around each customer’s needs.

Custom Channel Modeling Platforms

This is a  program based on a customers stack-up and design objectives. The goal of the program is to equip a signal integrity group with unimpeachable 3D EM models and material properties with extremely fast speed. All structures on the custom platform include de-embedding to isolate the device-under-test (DUT) using Symmetrical De-embedding such as Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR, both 1X and 2X) or Measure Based Model (MBM) using ADS.

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Test Fixture Design

You can rely on WRT to design your test fixture right the first time, whether it be daughter cards for backplane testing, memory interposer test cards,  or validation PCB designs for testing to your chosen specification. Some of our past customers include Elma Electronic and Tektronix.

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Classes and Technical Training

Wild River Technology (WRT) training classes are offered either on-site or web based, and are available at select locations on the West Coast, including Portland, Oregon and the Bay Area of California. Contact WRT for information regarding the class or check our website for upcoming dates.   We offer in-house classes per customer request.

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PCB and Substrate Stack-up Design


For questions or inquiries please call our technical group at 1-800-604-0858 Extension 701 or email us at inquiry@wildrivertech.com.

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