Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law (PL 111-203) requires companies that use gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten in products to identify the country of origin of the source mine(s) of these metals used in making any product. An acceptable alternative is a smelter(s) producing such metals that is validated with a “conflict free” designation approved by an industry consortium such as EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition). In August 2012, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted rules that require Wild River Technology and other US public companies using these metals to report on their efforts to identify the sources of these metals in the various raw materials purchased by Wild River Technology. These disclosures to the SEC are binding on both Wild River Technology and its suppliers. Wild River Technology therefore requires its suppliers to identify the source of these four metals used in making raw materials for Wild River Technology on form CE041, which is the latest revision (currently v4.01 dated 12 June 2015) of the EICC- GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) “Conflict Minerals Reporting Template”.


The term “Conflict Minerals” refers to metals that have their origin in areas of the world where known human rights violations exist. Metals used in the manufacture of our products that could potentially have their origin in such a location are…Gold and Tin. Currently, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the 9 adjoining countries have been identified as a source of “Conflict Minerals”, and this area is known as the “Conflict Region”. Suppliers that can provide documentation acceptable to Wild River Technology that neither they, nor their suppliers, acquire these metals from this area of conflict, or from smelters with an approved designation as “conflict-free” by an industry consortium such as the EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition) will receive preferential treatment in Wild River Technology’s purchasing decisions. Wild River Technology expects its suppliers to be environmentally and socially responsible.